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Rules and Reguations

CW Shooting, Skeet, 5 Stand/Sporting Clay Combination and  Pistol/Rifle Ranges.

1.  No alcoholic beverages are allowed on any shooting course or field and are not to be consumed until after you have finished shooting.  Anyone suspected of drinking will not be allowed to shoot while they are deemed to be under the influence.

2.  Protective shooting glasses must be worn at all times.  Additionally, ear protection is strongly recommended.  Shooters should remember that hearing loss due to noise damage is permanent.

3.  The largest size shot permitted is #7 1/2.

4.  While waiting your turn to shoot, be certain that your position is safely behind the shooter, clear of his field of vision.

5.  The only time a shotgun will be loaded is when the shooter is actually on station preparing to shoot.  At all other times the gun will be unloaded and placed in a rack or unloaded and carried with the action open.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

6.  Practice swings from behind any station are not allowed.

7.  At no time will shooter load more that two shells in a gun.

8.  Before leaving the station, shooters will ensure the shotgun is unloaded and the action is open.

9.  Never handle another shooter's shotgun without permission.

10.  It is strictly forbidden to shoot any live bird or animal at the course.

C & W Shooting
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